Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Doll's Eye View: Milan Fall '13

Bellissimo, Armani!
For many years, Milan was synonymous with timeless fashion and knitwear. And though Italy continues to produce some of the best knitwear on the planet, much of what comes out of Milan today are edgier fashions on par with those shown in Paris. Still there are legendary greats like Prada, Emilio Pucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabana and especially Georgio Armani who are the pillars of Italian style serving up the kind of classy clothing that continue to leave the fashion world panting for more.

And so, you wonder, why haven't I mentioned Valentino? The reason is simple. The nationality of the house depends on where the operations reside. Therefore Valentino Couture is Italian, however, the ready-to-wear house is French. We'll see this house later on in Paris!!

In the meantime, we chose the simplest Armani to miniaturize. The doll's top is my feeble attempt at at crocheting with a simple chain stitch and basic crochet stitch. Admittedly, it is an ad-hoc design. I've not counted any stitches. I've made lots of mistakes in the eyes of the experts. But it works thanks to its irregularities. And that's the eye to edgy design. Sometimes the mistakes are better than original idea!

You could also get the look by starting with the 1-piece corset and stitching down some metallic crochet yarn over it in helter-skelter manner. The skirt is a simple sarong. Add four inches and seam allowance to the basic skirt pattern. Cut the back in one piece by placing the pattern on the fold of the fabric. Add 1/2 inch over from the CF of the skirt pattern. Close with Velcro.
For Fall 2013, look for inky blacks, snowy whites, neutral greys and an occasional pop of color. Silhouettes are long and slinky, sometimes with furry details. Also look for tidy coats that flair from the waist.


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